Welcome! God is at work in our church and in our community. We are glad that you are worshipping with us today. Our prayer is that you will experience the presence of God as you worship Him today. Please feel free to clap your hands, stand in praise, or quietly focus on the Lord. The Spirit of Jesus Christ is with us today. Welcome!




Acts 19:13-20 and John 8:32

Sure, Jesus cast out demons. But do you really believe that there are demons active today? If they are present, can they actually oppress Christians and the church? Is Satan deceiving the church or our nation by wanting us to believe that demons do not exist today? If they do exist, do we have the ability to cast them out, or should this be left to the exorcists?

CORNERSTONE FUND – We are very close to our goal for the down payment. Escrow will probably close around September 1. Can you help us reach the goal of at least $66,000? What can you give by the end of August? Please let us know what you can you add to your present giving for the next three years? Pray about sharing this with your friends and family.

Mountain Pregnancy Fall Banquet

Thursday September 28, 2017 at 6 pm

Twin Peaks Conference Center

Help support the ministry of the Pregnancy Center. Would like to be part of a table of eight for $300? Let Pastor Bill know of your interest in attending.

Please stay after worship for some goodies and fellowship

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