Welcome! Today we are celebrating the purchase of this property. As part of our worship we will share Communion the reminder of Christ’s death and resurrection. Please participate if you know Jesus and are ready to receive Communion.





Ephesians 4:27-32 and Galatians 5:21-6:1

The Apostle Paul has a serious warning about the way our anger and bitterness can give the devil a “foothold” in our lives. Our behavior can open the door for evil or be a weapon against evil depending on whether we are living by the Spirit or not.

 CHARGE - October 19-20, 2017 Purpose Church, Pomona, CA

The Transformation Ministries Conference is designed for inspiration, equipping and encouragement. Register free through Pastor Bill. Charge invites us to charge upwards in our relationship with God, Charge across, transcending the barriers that divide us;
and Charge out, to further the Kingdom with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Registration is FREE including dinner on Thursday evening. However, you have to register through a group registration with Pastor Bill. There is still time to attend just mark the tear-off and go online to determine which breakouts you want to attend

 HIGHER GROUNDS COFFEE HOUSE – Praise the Lord! We closed escrow on Tuesday evening. Last Sunday we dedicated the facility to the Lord. Our Mission Statement is: Higher Grounds Coffee House is a place where our neighbors can experience community in a Christ centered atmosphere and where they can get the highest quality coffee and food while enjoying products that are making a difference for someone else.

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