Welcome! It is a privilege to worship God with you. We are on the Road to Calvary.Today, we will see the crucifixion of Christ at Calvary. Listen to the crowds and onlookers as they insult Jesus. Can you imagine the emotional, physical, and spiritual pain that Jesus was experiencing? Are you praying for someone you know to experience the truth of the resurrection? We have only two more Sundays before Easter. 




Mark 15:16-32

The phrase “added insult to injury” is so true of what happened to Jesus on the cross. He is mocked at the trials with Caiaphas, mocked by the soldiers who scourged him, mocked by the people watching him on the cross, and mocked by the religious leaders who should have been celebrating his coming. How could he endure all this pain?

MODERN DAY TRIAL OF JESUSThursday, April 13, 6:30PM

If you were on the witness stand, what proof would you have that Jesus is alive and that He is the Messiah? You are invited to give your testimony that proves Jesus is alive at a trial during Easter week. We know that Jesus was convicted in a mock trial that offered no witnesses in his defense. Will you stand up and testify for Jesus?

Come help to make this a memorable Easter celebration. Consider inviting the people in your Oikos to attend with you. The evening will conclude with a remembrance of the Last Supper when Jesus instituted a new memorial with His Body and His Blood. 


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