Mountain Hope Purpose and Procedures

Early on in 2013, a group of church members from the Friday night Life Group decided to take up the challenge to explore how our church could help the needy in our local mountain community. Over the months we have prayed, talked to people and other organizations in the community,conducted surveys, and prayed some morei We have also spent many months in an in-depth study of a book by Steve Corbett, and Brian Fikkert called When Helping Hurts. in this study we have come to embrace the idea that poverty is rooted in brokenness that stems from the Fall of all mankind in Genesis. This effects all of us in so many ways. While we may not all be economically poor, we are all dealing with effects of the Fall which has messed up our relationships with God, ourselves, others, and creation. Financial poverty is just more easily recognize from the external. This means, as a church, we need to enter into ministry irw the poor with a heart of humility, as every one of us is broken. We need to reach out to others by coming -alongside them to help them heal their brokenness, while we work on our own. Because of these views, Mountain Hope has decided to work toward a goal of ”development" in our community. These means that we want to invest in the lives of people not by just giving them a one- time handout, but by inviting them to walk with us on a road to restoration. This is a long-term process, not a quick fix. It is not the easy road, it is the hard one, but we feel like it is where God is leading us. We are guided by these principles, as established by the Chalmers Institute:

The Four Key Relationships

These relationships were established by God before the Fall, but because of the Fall, we all struggle in

these areas. When these relationships are functioning properly, we can experience all that God

intended our lives to be.

1. Relationship with God: This is the primary relationship, all others flow out of this

2. Relationship with Self: We are created in God's image and have worth and are responsible to reflect God's image . 

3. Relationship with others: We are created to live in loving relationships with others and use our gifts within these relationships to help all of us fulfill our callings 

4. Relationship with the Rest of Creation: We are to be good stewards of God's creation